Sonic Producer: The Ultimate Online Music Production Studio

Sonic Producer: The Ultimate Online Music Production Studio

You may not have ever heard of me, but I've been making my own beats for over five years now. I started when I was younger by recording sounds into Windows Sound Recorder and using the basic mixing features available to mix VERY crude acapella beats. I mean very crude :). Anyway, I've evolved slightly since then, having mastered all the major music production studio programs like FL studio, Reason, and Cubase.

For somebody who has been making beats for years these programs are great: they allow unlimited customization. However, this customization comes at a cost.. I've realized that it's nearly impossible for people to learn how to make beats with these kinds of music production studios. They require extensive technical audio knowledge, which makes for an extremely steep learning curve.


My business depended on teaching people how to make their own beats, and I was having trouble doing that with the available software. Fortunately, some really smart guys changed all of that not too long ago. With the advent of social media and community-based websites, they developed one of the best music production communities around. Unlike most sites, which would become popular for about a month and then disappear off the face of the earth, they planned ahead, and they planned to offer much more value than these "other" sites. Since the day they launched, the Sonic Producer website has been an astonishing success.


What is Sonic Producer? It's the internet's only fully functional online music production studio and it's here to stay. To separate themselves from the crowd, they cut out all the features that were too complicated for the average person to learn, leaving them with a highly efficient music production system for beginners and advanced users alike. Their goal was to actively support the development of music production skills: by getting a membership to their site, they were going to thank you by bringing your skills up a NUMBER of notches. They began offering video tutorials, and that's when the site exploded.

The tutorials began with instructions and tips on how to use their included sequencer, but exploded in unexpected growth with ALL kinds of videos showing you anything you ever wanted to know about making music.

You see, most music production studios run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. The fact that they began offering their COMPLETE membership for only $ 29 was a revolution in the industry. The beat production software itself is worth at least $ 200, but they include the video tutorials, excellent customer service, and a whole community of expert beat makers at your finger tips. They also originally had the price at $ 97 and slashed it down to just $ 29. Now can you see what I mean about offering value? If you want to start making your own beats, and want a vast wealth of knowledge and support right at your finger tips, I'd highly suggest

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