(12 Pk) 1″x12″x12″ Soundproofing Foam Acoustic Tiles Studio Foam Sound Wedges

(12 Pk) 1"x12"x12" Soundproofing Foam Acoustic Tiles Studio Foam Sound Wedges

(12 Pk) 1

  • Foam panels HIGHEST point reaches 1 inch height. Its LOWEST point reaches 3/4 inch in height. / Overall Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.40
  • Smaller panels offer more options for placement and design / Pack of 12. Covers 12 sq. ft. (Covers 1 sq. ft. per sheet)
  • Good for Recording Studios, Vocal Booths, Home Theathers
  • Reduces standing waves and flutter echoes in small to medium sized rooms , when used in conjunction with corner bass absorbers and male/female broadband absorbers
  • Passes : TECHNICAL BULLETIN CAL 117-2013: Requirements, Test Procedure and Apparatus for Testing the Smolder Resistance of Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture. CAL 117 for short, is a regulation that sets the standard for upholstered furniture flammability in the furniture industry

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