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Christian Virtual Hymnal Church Edition

Christian Virtual Hymnal Church Edition

Christian Virtual Hymnal Church Edition

  • Transposable SATB sheet music/lead sheets for thousands of public domain hymns and Handel's Messiah
  • Scale to any size and display as standard round notes, shape notes, tablature, chord charts
  • Extract any combination of parts, re-arrange/delete verses, optionally display chords/fret diagrams
  • Use any font/size on your computer for verses and then easily reformat the music, export just verses
  • Play or Save As MIDI File using any MIDI instruments and any tempo, optional introductions/repeats

The Christian Virtual Hymnal is a collection of several thousand public domain Christian Hymns plus Handel's Messiah. This includes almost all of the most popular hymns. Since all the music is public domain, no CCLI license is required. The music can be customized in many ways before being played/printed. For instance, the music can be transposed to any key, scaled to a different size and automatically reformatted, verses can be deleted/re-ordered, and any combination of parts can be extracted.

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