“Holly is a dingo/German shepherd mix with an amazing disc-dogging talent although under her unmistakable smile she also holds with her a story. When we got her she was 5 months old and you would think A puppy that young shouldn’t ever be abused or mistreated or at least not remember if she was. Unfortunately she was and with that a two time owners surrender from the humane society. Sure enough when we got home we immediately found that she was terrified of people, the color black, and boots. Although we didn’t give up on her she is now two years old, and although her fears are not completely gone we are competing at various places including purina farms and many others. My dream is to make a difference on how people see dogs in shelters and believes that every dog is a good one no matter the breed, size or background. All they need is love and a little work… That’s all,” writes @dog_gone_crazy.