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What's your budget? This is important for us to know in order to help craft  the best plan for your recording project.  We can customize a fully produced package that fits your needs whether it is $5,000...  $15,000... $20,000 or more.

Things to consider:

1)  How many songs do you want to record? 10 or 12?  If your budget is tight you may want to consider recording fewer songs.  Many artists record EP's of 6 or 8 songs these days.

2)  A rhythm section is the basic foundation for recording a song and usually consists of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.  A song usually takes about an hour and a half to fully produce and record with our professional studio musicians.

3) Will you be wanting more than a rhythm section on any of your songs? Would you possible want say, a cello, flute,  penny whistle, strings,  percussion, uillean pipes, or a flugelhorn?  We have access to amazing studio musicians who play every instrument imaginable.

4) Will you be wanting background vocals on any of your songs? We work with top-notch studio singers that specialize in background vocals. They are very fast and creative. Background vocals can really take a song to the next level.

These are just some of the things to consider as you begin to plan your recording project. We would be very happy to discuss more details with you and help customize a plan that fits within your budget.  Please contact us today.

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