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Our Studios

Sunset Blvd is a very comfortable studio with a great vibe. We are absolutely loaded with some of the most desirable mics, preamps and etc.
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Control Room

Our large Control Room features a Digidesign Control 24 console and (2) 192 I/O's with 32 a/d inputs. There is plenty of room for clients, producers, guests, as well as players, during tracking and production.

Main Studio Room

The Main Studio Room has 13 foot ceilings. This room is great for recording large rhythm, strings and brass sections, vocal groups and choirs. There is also an ISO booth in this room that is often used for vocals, cellos, acoustic guitar, French horns or woodwinds.

Piano and Keyboard Room

Contains Yamaha C7 grand piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Rhodes, Wurli. This room also has an ISO closet for the Leslie cabinet and/or a keyboard amp.


Spacious lounge with kitchenette, coffee, teas, popcorn machine. This room is wired and also functions as extra recording space if needed.

We also have another ISO booth which is a small space but with plenty of room for guitar speaker cabinets.

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