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Studio/Student Consulting

studioAre you starting up a new recording studio? Wouldn't it be great to have killer equipment, know how to insulate properly, and get things up and running?

Steve has over 20 years of experience and he is happy to help you get your home studio established, with just the right gear for you. He can consult with you and help you get your recording studio going. He can help you know where to purchase vintage gear, how to mic drums, any question or problem you may have.

OR if you are an existing studio and need help of any kind, whether it's a problem in your studio, or learning to mic drums, Steve can consult with you to get the problem solved.

If you are a recording student, wanting to have private lessons in a real world, professional studio environment, Steve can help you as well.

Steve is the recording studio guru! Give him a call today at 615-336-2280. Steve's rate is $120 per hour and he is worth every penny.

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