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The Best Deal in Town!

Imagine writing one check, one low check, which pays for everything connected with your recording.  Steve Dady, the owner, engineer, and producer at Sunset Blvd Studios has put together what has been called THE BEST DEAL in town for recording your songs.  One check will cover the studio, players, engineer, cartage, piano tuning, production--everything from A to Z.  It’s a seamless process and very easy and exciting for the client.  Steve will give you the absolute best price working with WORLD CLASS musicians.  Click here to see the caliber of players you would be working with.

What People are saying:

"I’ve been using this package for years with Steve and the guys and my clients have been extremely thrilled with such an amazing sound to their music. It instantly puts their songs in the same category as anything on the store shelves thanks to the players, and Steve’s commitment to quality."

Eric Copeland, Creative Soul Records

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